About Raymond Chan

Instructor Trainer at UR Diving Hong Kong who offer a full range of SDI TDI ERDI programs, PADI DSAT TecRec programs and ANDI Technical Diving course. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.About Me Profile Picture

Diving experience:

Start from 2002. In 2015 April Become the SDI TDI Instructor trainer. Interesting in and been diving in different Caves and Wrecks, visiting many caves in China, Florida, Mexico, Italy, Philippine and Thailand. Raymond has over 2500 dives and diving in countries like Canada, USA, China, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, Japan, Taiwan, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Micronesia, Indonesia, UK and Indian Sea. Raymond has experience in different dive condition. In nice tropical weather and cold fresh water lake. Diving in great weather like Bahamas and come across with experiencing in bad weather like high wind and strong current in Philippine and Maldives. Raymond also visit unforgettable beautiful cave in Mexico and challenge cave with low visibility in Thailand and China. Raymond also visit a lot of wrecks and did a deep cave dive in Thailand, Song Hong using Hammerhead rebreather to 175 meter in July 25, 2014.


Professional experience:
Instructor  qualification:
SafeAir Instructor
Nitrox Instructor Trainer

Cave Diver Instructor Trainer
CCR Wreck Instructor
Advance Trimix Instructor
Advance Wreck Instructor Trainer
Advance Nitrox Instructor Trainer
Decompression Procedure Instructor Trainer
Extended Range Instructor Trainer
Megalodon, Defender, Hammerhead, SF2, MK6/SE7EN CCR Instructor
SDI Specialty Diver Instructor Trainer
Dry Suit Instructor
Ice Dive Instructor
U/W Hunter & Collector Instructor
Self-Reliant / Solo Diver Instructor Trainer

Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer
Full Face Mask Instructor
FRTI Instructor Trainer
ERD Public Safety Diver Instructor

Non Diving Instructor  qualification: 
Dive Rite Regulator Technician Instructor (Manufacturer Cert)
Equipment Specialist Instructor
Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
O2 Equipment Service Technician Instructor
Visual Inspection Procedure Instructor
Trimix Gas Blender Instructor


CCR Experience:
TDI – Megalodon/Pathfinder/ Meg15
TDI – Defender
PADI – Inspiration/Evolution
PADI – Poseidon MK6/SE7EN
ANDI – Hammerhead
TDI – O2ptima
TDI – Liberty side mount

 Other experience:
ANDI Cave Explorer
ANDI Chamber Technician
TDI Cave Side Mount Diver
ANDI Cave Rebreather Explorer
Under Water Criminal Investigator
Scubapro Certify Technician
Hammerhead CCR Service Technician
Bonex DPV Service Technician